Italian passenger caught with over €11,000 in cash at MIA

An Italian passenger has been caught carrying more than €10,000 at non-Schengen departure lounge at Malta International Airport.

Customs officials report that during initial questioning, the individual had indicated to having less than the required limit, but on later inspected were to reported to have over €11,000 (€11,405).

They state that the passenger had agreed to forfeit the money exceeding the limit as an out of court settlement.

The move is part of new law which allows passengers with sums of money exceeding the limit to forfeit the excess in order to avoid a court appearance and fine.

Customs Officials say that this is the second occasion that the Subsidiary Legislation 233.07 of the Laws of Malta, has been used.

The new law explains that passengers that have less than €20,000 in their possession, can voluntarily surrender the excess to the Customs Department. This option avoids flight disruption and a heavy fine for the passenger.

This legislation states, that, if a passenger is found carrying undeclared cash that amounts to under 20,000 euros, he can agree to an out of court settlement with the Customs Department, thus avoiding losing his flight and avoiding to appear in court and possible being fined.