Italian government ready to take further action to contain sharp rise in cases

Giuseppe Conte told the Lower House on Thursday that his government was ready to take further action if necessary amid a sharp rise in COVID-19 contagion in Italy

The daily tally of new COVID cases in Italy rose again on Thursday, to 16,079, almost a thousand more than Wednesday, but with some 7,500 fewer swabs (170,392 against 177,848).

“We will be ready to intervene again if necessary,” the premier said as he presented a package of new restrictions approved at the weekend to combat contagion.

 “We are still behind the pandemic and the constant rise in contagions forces us to keep attention extremely high,” Conte said. “This time, however, we are stronger thanks to the experience of the spring.

“The situation is very different from that of March (when Italy went into lockdown) although this situation has turned out to be highly critical.” He said he was not in favour of closing down Italy’s schools again.