It is clear Abela did not want me to be elected – Grech

Bernard Grech
PN Leader Dr Bernard Grech

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

It is clear that Prime Minister Robert Abela did not want me to be elected as Opposition Leader, Partit Nazzjonalista leader Bernard Grech said on Sunday during a radio interview on NET FM.

Speaking on Sunday, Grech accused Abela of reducing politics to a playground fight, insisting that the nation deserved better politicians to serve it over Abela’s puerile and amateur style.

Grech noted that Abela turned a “cordial” meeting, held after his election as PN leader, to a playground fight despite having extended his hand in friendship.

The radio host referred to a front page story published on the party’s newspaper concerning Abela’s refusal to publish tax returns pre-2017.

“Today it is crystal clear that Abela had a personal interest in ensuring that I am not elected as PN leader,” Grech said, noting that the prime minister had personally interfered in an attempt to revoke a certificate which was issued to Grech during the run up to the PN leadership race.

Back to basis

Grech insisted that the lessons learnt during the pandemic should be applied in our daily lives. 2020 was a learning curve for all, he said, adding that it gave each and everyone of us an opportunity to learn something which would help us improve our lives.

“We’ve rediscovered solidarity and the importance of spending our time with our families and loved ones. We have had to confront loneliness. The pandemic has made us confront such realities,” Grech said.

The Opposition leader insisted that everyone is called to do their part in 2021 in order to ensure that each and every person’s life improves.