Newsbook’s next Business Breakfast postponed until May

Due to recent local developments surrounding COVID-19, the management at Beacon Media Group has decided to postpone the Newsbook Business Breakfast titled 'Is Traffic a Reality?' originally scheduled for Thursday 26th March 2020. The event is planned to take place in May 2020 at AX The Palace provided that things go back to normal in Malta.

Newsbook Business Breakfast 2019
Newsbook Business Breakfast 2019 - Photo by Miguela Xuereb

In the next edition of Newsbook Business Breakfast on Thursday 26th March, we tackle the issue of traffic congestion. Once described as a ‘perception’ this daily reality frequently starts and ends our days in misery.

Is congestion a question of land-use planning or is it a question of road design and management? What is the cost of all this urban gridlock? Is traffic a reality or is it that we all go out at the same time, creating bottlenecks?

These will be among the main issues raised in this month’s Newsbook Business Breakfast, in which the main speaker will be Minister for Transport Dr Ian Borg.

The session will be addressed by well-known names such as environmentalist Astrid Vella, geographer Prof. Maria Attard, and PN Spokesperson for Transport & Infrastructure Perit Toni Bezzina, as well representatives from political parties, the Malta Chamber of Commerce, and other respected institutions.

The panel will place before the audience challenging ideas and data with the aim of stimulating a debate. The discussion will be moderated by Jesmond Saliba.

The Newsbook Business Breakfast will take place at The Palace Hotel in Sliema on Thursday 26th March 2020. Registration is at 8.30 am. The discussion will be followed by a networking event. will document all comments in a post-discussion document which will be presented to government with positions of different entities who will be participating.

Entrance is free but pre-booking is essential. You may click here to book.

Parking is free of charge on a first-come-first-served basis

The Newsbook Business Breakfast is sponsored by Transport Malta, Malta Public Transport, AX The Palace and Middlesea Insurance