Is it dangerous to take out my elderly parents for a drive?

Elderly couple. Cheerful elderly man sitting together with his wife while hugging her

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Public Health Consultant Dr Tanya Melillo said that taking out the elderly for a drive in a car is not a problem particularly by persons who live in the same house. She did emphasise however that they should not meet or talk to anyone. “A little country drive hurts no one”, said Dr Melillo

If the whole family is self-isolating and has no contact with the outside world, is it necessary to disinfect constantly?

Dr Mellillo said that if there is not contact with the external world then there is no need to constantly disinfect. However, she reminded that any shopping which is delivered needs to be disinfected and then hands need to be washed thoroughly with soap and water.

Should we attend pre-set annual check-ups?

What is not urgent should be postponed, advised Dr Melillo. If it is not urgent, she added it is probably not important. She warned however that important appointments should be kept. These include appointments to change medication or for important tests. “Doctors and specialists are taking all the precautions necessary,” added Dr Melillo.

Should you go to hospital if you feel chest pains? What should you do?

Dr Melillo said that she has had reports that there were persons who had chest pains and were afraid to go to hospital. She appeal to all those who feel serious symptoms which may indicate need for urgent treatment such as appendicitis, fractures or heart problems to go to hospital immediately. She added that Mater Dei had created two A&E triages: one for possible COVID-19 patients and one for normal emergencies.

Do you need help? Here are some helpful numbers:

  • 111 – for those who feel the onset of COVID-19 symptoms or who wish clarification on symptoms.
  • 21411 411 – for those who need food and medicines while in obligatory quarantine. 
  • 2294 4511/2294 4504 – Use these number to report infringments to the public health regulations and regulations pertaining to COVID-19.
  • 1772 – for those who feel lonely
  • 1575 – for those EMPLOYEES who want to ask about salaries and working conditions.
  • 1576 – for EMPLOYERS who want to ask about salaries and working conditions.
  • 153 – For those who want more information on the financial packages being administered by the Department of Social Services.
  • 144 – for those who want more information on the aid packages being administered by Malta Enterprise.
  • 2204 2200 – For Maltese residents stranded abroad.
  • 2598 1000 – for question about the educational sector.
  • 2169 2447– for information on the aid packages for the sectors of tourism and hotels.
  • 2590 3030 – For the elderly who have no support structures and need medicines, food, meals or shopping.
  • 2546 9111 – Information for those in the gaming industry.

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