Is Cyber Monday more popular than Black Friday?

Cyber Monday is held on the Monday after the Thanksgiving in the United States, so this year it will fall on the 2nd December 2019.

It was created by retailers to encourage people to shop online and the term itself made its debut on the 28th November 2005. At that time, not everyone had high-speed internet connections, however, as connection speeds have gotten faster – and more convenient – online shopping has increased, especially on Cyber Monday.

Since 2009, Cyber Monday sales have seen more than an eightfold increase in the US. Also, in the US, it was the biggest shopping day of the year in both 2017 and 2018, surpassing Back Friday.

During this day, most tech stores – physical and online – as well as online shopping websites such as Amazon and Ebay, offer a number of deals and discounts. So if you are thinking of treating yourself to the latest gadget or buying a tech Christmas present for a loved one – here’s your chance.