Watch: Is Bjorn always about to die before each fundraiser?

With formidable courage, Bjorn Formosa turned his terminal condition of ALS into a means to help fellow sufferers. He built Dar Bjorn and is in the process of building another one.

Bjorn will be the main guest at Andrew Azzopardi on 103 on Saturday 7th November at 11:00h on 103 Malta’s Heart.

He will be asked:

Is it true that before each fundraiser you are at death’s door or is this just a marketing ploy?

If government withholds your grant, how will you build and manage the second home?

Where do you find the strength and courage to go on in spite of the pain associated with ALS?

In the first part of the program Prof Andrew Azzopardi will be leading a discussion on the strategy which government has used so far to manage the coronavirus pandemic: was it successful or not? After interviewing Bjorn, Prof Azzopardi will also interview Glen Beddingfield MP.

Andrew Azzopardi on 103 is broadcast on Saturdays at 10:00h on 103 Malta’s heart.