Interviewing the coronavirus

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Like many others, I reflected a lot these days, trying to find meaning, because there must be some sense to the absurd situation in which we have been forced to live. I imagined what the virus would say if it could talk.

A video production by Danilo Calabrese accompanied my thoughts and as such this production served as the basis of an imaginary interview with coroanvirus. 

Here is how I imagine it would have gone. 

What’s your name? 

Hello, I am Covid-19. Many of you will know me simply as ‘coronavirus’ – yes, it is me. Excuse my short notice but I cannot reveal the time, form or force with which I will present myself to you. 

Why are you doing so? 

Let’s just say that I was tired of seeing you degenerate rather than evolve. I’d had enough of seeing you ruin yourselves with your own hands. I was tired of the way you treat the planet. I couldn’t take the way you behave towards each other any longer. I was tired of your injustice, your violence, your wars, your conflicts and your prejudice. I grew tired of your social envy and your greed, your hypocrisy and your selfishness. 

Ok. Fair enough. But haven’t this been always the case?

I was tired of the little time you devote to yourselves and to your families. I was tired of how little attention you give to your children. Tired of your superficiality – the importance that you often place in trivial things at the expense of the essential ones. I was tired of your constant and obsessive search for the prettiest dress or the latest smart phone or the most beautiful car just to appear successful. 

These are material issues spurred by greed. But in a way you’re destroying the basis of all we know, all we’ve been posing a lot of unnecessary risk on our whole well being. Why you didn’t just take any other form to limit your impact on our material gains?

I was tired of your betrayals, I was tired of your disinformation, I was tired of the little time you dedicate to communicate between yourselves. I was too tired of your continuous complaints without doing anything to improve your lives.  I was tired of seeing you argue over futile matters. I was tired of the constant attacks between those who govern you and of the wrong decisions that those who should represent you make. I was sick and tired of seeing people fight and insult one another over a football match. 

Why did you choose such a brutal way? You know you’re eliminating whole generations?

I know, I’m hard on you. Maybe too much. But I don’t look at anyone’s face, I’m a virus. My spread will cost you lives. But I want you to understand once and for all that you have to change direction, for your own good.

Still. I can’t fathom why you went down this route. Can’t you get to the bottom line and tell me why?

The message that I want to bring you is simple, I wanted to show all the limitations of society so that you can eliminate them. I wanted to bring everything to a stop so that you may understand that there is only important thing: life. Yours and that of your children. And everything that is really needed to protect it, care for it and share it. I wanted you as isolated as possible, far from your parents and grandparents, your children and grandchildren. So that you may understand the importance of an embrace, human contact, dialogue, a handshake, an evening with friends, a stroll around the streets, dinner at a restaurant or a jog in the park. Everything has to restart from these little actions.

But why did you everyone in the same basket? It’s so unfair. 

You are all the same, don’t make distinctions between yourselves. I showed you that distances do not exist. I travelled kilometre upon kilometre in a short time without you even noticing anything. 

Do you intend staying for ever? 

I am not here to stay, but the feelings of closeness and collaboration that I have created in you in such a little time should remain for eternity. Live your lives in the simplest way possible: walk, breathe deeply, do good because good always pays back with interest, enjoy nature, do what you like and satisfies you. Create the conditions so that you don’t have to rely on anything else.

When you will celebrate, I will have just left. But remember, do not try to be better persons only in my presence. 


This is the video production which served as the basis of this imaginary interview.