Interconnector was severed by an anchor – Enemalta


Enemalta plc released information saying that the Interconnector between Malta and Sicily was severed by an anchor.

On Facebook, Enemalta said the survey conducted by the Polar King managed to locate the point of damage on the interconnector cable between Malta and Sicily.

“Initial indications reasonably confirm Enemalta’s suspicions to date. The footage of the survey conducted provides reasonable evidence that the cable was ruptured by an anchor, with evidence showing how the anchor was dragged, eventually dislodging the cable from the trench on the seabed, and subsequently breaking it.”

Enemalta informed the public that together with Nexans engineers, it will continue to analyse the footage provided by the Polar King in order to establish what actions need to be taken to initiate the repair process.

Enemalta plc said that it will be keeping the public in the loop so that everyone is updated with the latest developments on this issue.

B’referenza għall-istqarrija maħruġa fil-jum tal-bieraħ, Enemalta plc tixtieq tinforma lill-pubbliku li s-survey…

Posted by Enemalta plc on Monday, January 6, 2020

According to the World Bank, Malta fares very poorly, together with Bulgaria, where the strength of electricity provision is concerned.