‘Inter-generation dialogue can foster respect for life’ – Mgr Grech

Photo: Ian Noel Pace

Gozo Bishop Mario Grech appealed for more dialogue between the youth and the elderly in order for Maltese society to strengthen its culture in favour of human life, both in terms of the unborn, and the infirm. This was said during the Annual General Meeting for Dar Ġużeppa Debono.

He said that the young generation is the one which dreams, while the elderly are those who have already worked for their dreams. Among them, there are those who advocate for realistic dreams because sometimes, youthful dreams tend to be merely the fruit of idealism and a lack of experience.

Mgr. Grech said that there are definitely some elderly people who, upon considering having children, felt apprehensive and their hearts were full of fears until they eventually won over their obstacles. Other who, despite their poverty, were still generous in life, as well as others who have happy memories of the joy of large families. There might also be some of the older generation who have lost infants either by choice or in natural circumstances, while others have overcome the leftover wounds of abortion, and have not learnt.

The Bishop said that it is good to help the younger generation discover the precious resource of the elderly. If young people make a pact with the elderly, who have lived life, they would indirectly be helping future generations preserve life, even from conception. He added that older generations know life and have worked hard for it, with many of them paying high prices and so know exactly what its value is.

Bishop Grech concluded by saying that inter-generation dialogue doesn’t only help in the preservation of life, but it will also foster respect for the elderly. This because, if killing the unborn is bad, then it is just as bad and undignified to have the voluntary cessation of life for the sick and the elderly.