‘Integration momentum needs to be sustained’ – Helena Dalli

DOI - Clodagh Farrugia O'Neill

The new Local Integration Charter allows for better access for migrants to services provided by the Integration Unit, as well as providing promotion of better knowledge of Malta’s two main languages.

The Charter was launched a year after the National Integration Strategy by Equality Minister Helena Dalli during the Annual Integration Conference based on “tangible results yielded from the integration action plan”. In a statement, the Minister welcomed the amount of applications received for introductory integration programmes.

Dalli spoke highly of the Integration Directorate and their Community Integration Officers who received training by the UNHCR to implement the charter. She also acknowledged the Local Councils Association’s help, through which the first group of Local Councils signed the charter.

The Minister said that “a momentum has been created, and this needs to be sustained” when speaking of the collective effort of the Directorate, Local Councils, and migrant communities pushing these issues home when it comes to national policy.