Integrating mindfulness in the education system

DOI / Omar Camilleri

Mindfulness is important as it helps our students from a young age to develop their skills, flourish and develop not only physically but also psychologically and mentally.

This was stated by Minister for Education and Employment Owen Bonnici during his closing speech at the ‘Mindfulness at School Level Conference’ attended by well over 200 educators from across the three sectors — Church schools, independent schools as well as state schools.

Minister Bonnici also referred to how, in the UK, the concept of mindfulness is being introduced informally by teachers and other educators during various activities both inside and outside the class environment, and noted that several schools, even locally, are starting to integrate mindfulness across various activities and tasks.

This first workshop on mindfulness at class and school level was organised by Dr Kenneth Vella, Headmaster Mater Boni Consilii, St Joseph School, Paola, in collaboration with English partners Mindfulness In Schools Programme. Claire Kelly, Director of Curricula and Training within Mindfulness In Schools Programme UK, conducted the workshop.