Inspiring young minds

Chairman of AX Group Angelo Xuereb started off by saying that three principles led his personal and business life – creativity (as he never wanted to do things like it was done before) and determination (as on occasion it took him 20 years to convince people to his ideas and integrity as he believed in doing things right).

But what nobody expected to hear is that he was a very shy boy when he was growing up.

“I was thirteen and we were all sitting at home during a family gathering. One of Father’s friends turned on me and asked, ‘So, Gulino. What would you like to be when you grow up?’ I immediately stood up and very assertively replied, ‘A businessman. A successful businessman’ All smiled at me and at one another, probably because I was usually very shy and withdrawn and my firm declaration and enthusiasm have really surprised them,” Mr Xuereb shared with students.”

“I wanted to leave them with some key takeaway messages that I have learned in my career: vision, hard work, facing challenges head on, efficiency and determination are the key words to success, not luck; honesty and integrity are the two key pillars on which a satisfying and successful career is built; a winning team with the right partners or associates with whom you can have a mutual and sincere trust is a sure way to success,” he concluded

“The talk was very encouraging for us young entrepreneurs. It showed us that if we invest in ourselves and the ideas we have we can always reach our goals,” Managing Director of Enlight JAYE Company Kylie Decelis commented, “He also cautioned us by saying that you can never achieve 100% of what you plan. We should aim for 100% but be proud even if we achieve less. He told us that the success lies also in trying. This was very inspiring for us as we have stumbled upon some obstacles while building our first company but this gives us courage to carry on with this business but also future ventures”.

“Mentoring and sharing experiences with young minds is very important and I am very pleased that I had the opportunity to meet with them,” Mr Xuereb concluded.