Infrastructure Malta should publish Pembroke plans – Ombudsman

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Infrastructure Malta has been asked to make all the project plans on Pembroke’s road infrastructure as soon as possible, by the Ombudsman. The government agency has up to October 10 to reply to the Ombudsman’s request.

Independent candidate Arnold Cassola had lodged a complaint with the Ombudsman, requesting that office to investigate why the development plans were withheld. In his letter Cassola asked the Ombudsman to investigate and oblige Infrastructure Malta to publish the site plans and drafts of the road-widening and tunnel excavation planned in the area.

Cassola decried Infrastructure Malta’s attitude at withholding the details of the project adding that the project could negatively impact the quality of life of residents living in the area.

The Ombudsman in its letter to Infrastructure Malta CEO Frederick Azzopardi said that it was not fair that the public has a just a few days to file its objections with the Planning Authority when the public could be kept informed on the progress of a national project by the agency.

Commissioner for Environment and Planning within the Ombudsman’s office, Alan Saliba, did not accept the agency’s reasoning behind not publishing the plans. In its reply, Infrastructure Malta said that the project is still in its early stages,

From an investigation it resulted that the Planning Authority had received a number of documents containing finalized plans which has been in touch with various stakeholders.

In a letter, Infrastructure Malta said that it had not received any requests for further information about the project from independent candidate Arnold Cassola, to which statement he reacted that he has not filed any because he does not have a servile mentality.

The government agency said that it has no objection that the relevant authorities publish the relevant plans according to established procedures.