Photos: Infrastructure Malta clearing trees to make way for new road in Dingli

Arnold Cassola / Facebook

“Arrogant bullies like Ian Borg and Frederick Azzopardi, protected by Prime Minister Robert Abela, can just break the law in all leisure and comfort”, stated independent candidate, Prof. Arnold Cassola, in a post on Facebook, as this morning, Infrastructure Malta started felling down the supposedly protected carob trees.

Dingli: Infrastructure Malta destruction Infrastructure Malta are at this moment felling down the supposedly…

Posted by Arnold Cassola on Wednesday, October 14, 2020

This decision was taken despite the fact that the public has 30 days to appeal the ERA permit granted on Tuesday to Infrastructure Malta to remove old carob trees for the formation of new roads in Dingli.

Prof. Cassola said that Infrastructure Malta is “protected by the arrogant and incompetent politicians running the country.”

In all of this Prof. Cassola asked where is Environment Minister, Aaron Farrugia.

The Kummissjoni Patrimonju Kulturali Kattoliku, KPKK and Kummissjoni Interdjocesana Ambjent, KA, expressed their concerns
‘New road in Dingli will wreak architectural heritage & threatens farmers’ livelihood’

In the meantime the works have stalled for now and a member of Moviment Graffitti is on site and keeping an eye on the situation.

‼️ Infrastructure Malta once again flouting the rules, having turned up to cut down 300-years-old carob trees in Dingli,…

Posted by Moviment Graffitti on Wednesday, October 14, 2020