Industrial producer price index increased by 1.16% during July 2020

When compared to July 2019, the industrial producer price index increased by 1.16%. This data was published by the National Statistics Office, NSO, which further explained that the increase resulted from an increase of 1.84% in consumer goods, 1.17% in intermediate goods and 1.00% in capital goods.

No price change was registered in the energy sector.

The data also shows how the industrial producer prices for the domestic market increased by 1.67%. Price rises were recorded in consumer goods, 5.11%, intermediate goods, 0.45% and capital goods, 0.22%. Non-domestic prices increased by 0.85%.

A rise of 1.24% was registered within the euro area while an increase of 0.65% was registered within the non-euro area.

Statistics show that during July 2020, the industrial producer price index went up by 0.93% over the previous month, June.

An increase of 2.40% was registered in intermediate goods while capital goods and consumer goods went down by 0.13 and 0.11% respectively.

A drop of 0.16% in intermediate goods led to a decrease of 0.04% in prices within the domestic market.

On the other hand, non-domestic market prices rose by 1.56%. The non-euro area prices increased by 1.98% while that of the euro-area went up by 0.72%.