Industrial producer price index down by 0.27% during June 2020

Miguela Xuereb

During the month of June 2020, the industrial producer price index registered a decrease of 0.27% when compared to the same month of the previous year, according data published by the National Statistics Office, NSO.

Data shows that this was mainly due to a decrease of 2.41% in intermediate goods. Prices increased by 1.98% in consumer goods and by 1.19% in capital goods. Data shows no price change registered in the energy sector.

Industrial producer prices for the domestic market increased by 1.46%. Price rises were recorded in consumer goods, 5.18% and in capital goods, 0.18%. A drop was registered in intermediate goods, 0.54%.

Non-domestic prices decreased by 1.35%. A drop of 2.10% was registered within the non-euro area while an increase of 0.17% was registered within the euro area.

Photo: NSO

According to NSO, during June 2020, the industrial producer price index went down by 0.06% over the previous month, May 2020. This was due to decreases of 0.14% in capital goods, 0.08% in consumer goods and 0.03% in intermediate goods.

Prices within the domestic market increased by 0.02% due to a rise of 0.07% in consumer goods. Non-domestic market prices dropped by 0.11%.