Industrial dispute results in a ‘no cooking’ directive at Day Centres

The UHM Voice of the Workers has ordered Aġenzija Sapport employees to stop cooking at day centres for persons with disability.

This is one of a set of directives aimed at pressuring the agency step up on the renewal of the Collective Agreement which expired almost two years ago. The directives include a ban  on all kinds of communication, to not take orders from the management and to avoid taking part in workshops and seminars for parents. is in possession of the email sent to all members of the union with the announcement of the industrial dispute with Aġenzija Sapport about misunderstandings regarding pending points in the collective agreement.

A source told that social workers give their very best to their work but are not treated well and that the directives will directly affect the clients, including children and adults.

In January last year, similar directives were set for the social workers at Foundation for Social Welfare Services (FSWS) due to the expired collective agreement and the postponed meetings.

Social workers spoke with and said that their career is not given the respect it deserves. They explained that experienced workers are reluctant to work in the current conditions and that several social workers have ended their career due to the amount of stress, which did not add up to the wage and hours of work in order to support their families.