MAM to withdraw industrial dispute when Dr Grech is reinstated to Covid-19 team

Dr Kenneth Grech

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Government agreed with the Medical Association Malta (MAM) that Dr Kenneth Grech should be reinstated to the Covid-19 advisory team, however, only when his new task is completed. MAM said that once he’s reinstated, they will suspend the industrial dispute.

Dr Martin Balzan, MAM President, explained to that the industrial dispute is still ongoing. He said on Tuesday that once Dr Grech will be transferred back to his original role the dispute will stop. Balzan explained that although the dispute is still active protests and directives have been suspended.

The saga started following Dr Grech’s recommendation to the Minister of Education to keep the schools closed on Thursday and Friday’ He had given the advice so to slow down the spread. The Ministry ignored the advice. This led to the Malta Union of Teachers to strike for two days.

On Monday MAM revealed that Dr Grech was transferred for his professional advice that led to the industrial dispute with the teachers. Unions and other entities appealed for the re-instatement of Dr Grech.

Dr Balzan described the agreement as fair. He said to,that Dr Grech should be re-instated to the Covid-19 team. The MAM president said that the Government kept persisting that the tasks related to the EU project were given to the consultant due to his competence.

MAM will be following the situation and make sure that the government keeps its part of the agreement.