“Independent Tribunal must investigate crimes against nation” – Cassola

Miguela Xuereb

Arnold Cassola, an independent candidate, stated that Prime Minister Robert Abela must set up an Independent Tribunal to investigate crimes against the nation.

In a statement, he listed 5 main crimes which according to him were conducted in the 7 years that Prime Minister Joseph Muscat spent in Office:

  • Collusion between the Government and Electrogas to grant them the Gas contract, that is costing the Maltese around the double the normal price of gas.
  • Collusion between the Government and Ram Tumuluri and Armin Ernst to give away hospitals to Vitals Global Healthcare. This resulted in hundreds of millions of euros loss.

During these past six years, the Maltese government gave over €300 million to Vitals Global Healthcare (VGH) and then to Steward Health Care who were given the concession of 3 public hospitals.

Between VGH and Steward Healthcare there was a sale agreement which was kept secret and which resulted in the concession of the 3 public hospitals for 99 years, sold for €1.

  • Muscat, according to Cassola,”befriended, socialized, kept in sms contact and partied” with Yorgen Fenech, whom he knew to be the prime suspect in the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Yorgen Fenech was invited to a reception that was organised in honour of the Prime Minister Joseph Muscat in his official residence at Girgenti, in February 2019.

Fenech had also gifted Muscat three bottles of Petrus wine, known for costing thousands of euros, and a Bvlgari watch, costing around €20,000.

  • Muscat and his cabinet, in Cassola’s words, “lied to the whole nation by telling us that waste separation was working well”. This comes following Wasteserv’s plans to take over 226 tumoli of fields close to the Magħtab landfill for expansion.

The affected farmers took to the streets to protest. They closed off, with their tractors, entry to the Magħtab and also on the road which leads to Magħtab from Triq ir-Ramla. On Friday, twenty-five farmers filed a judicial protest before the First Hall of the Civil Court.

The farmers and their families said that they want to protect their land. They have also mentioned how they have been suffering for years because of Wasteserve plans to expand its landfills.

  • Cassola then listed Infrastructure Malta’s offences:

“Infrastructure Malta has entered illegally private property in Tal-Balal and started work in private properties; has done illegal works in one of Malta’s most pristine valleys (Wied Qirda); has abusively conducted archaeological surveys in Santa Luċija without informing the Commissioner for Cultural Heritage; is in the process of destroying 50,000 square metres of agricultural land between Attard and Rabat, in the infamous Central Link project; intends on destroying thousands and thousands of square metres of agricultural land in Manikata, Malta and, Nadur Gozo to implement the mad Gozo tunnel project; and intends on destroying trees and pristine land in the Rabat-Marsalforn road in Gozo, in a useless exercise in road widening.”

He concluded his statement by saying that failure to set up this Independent Tribunal would signify that Prime Minister Robert Abela is covering up for his predecessors.