Increase in sales in first quarter of 2019 – NSO

When compared to the corresponding quarter of 2018, NSO statistics show that the industrial turnover, meaning total sales and other income, have increased by 3.8%.

The intermediate goods sector recorded an increase of 9.4%, while the energy sector resulted in a 7.8% increase, showed NSO statistics.

On the other hand, it also resulted that a 3.3% decrease in the capital goods sector, and a 0.1% decrease in the consumer goods sector was recorded. Hours worked decreased by 1%, while industrial gross wages and salaries increased by 3.6%.

In the first quarter of 2019, industrial turnover decreased by 3.8% when compared to the previous quarter; which covers from September till December of 2018. Decreases were recorded in the consumer goods (16.5%) and capital goods (2.5%) sectors. On the other hand, increases of 4.2% and 0.8% were recorded in the energy sector and intermediate goods sector respectively.

When compared to the previous quarter, the statistics showed that employment increased by 0.1%. During this period, hours worked decreased by 0.2%, whereas gross wages and salaries increased by 2.2%.