Inclusion policies need political will and diverse participation – Coleiro Preca

    ‘Policies must be accompanied by political will and detemination,’ President Emeritus Marie Louise Coleiro Preca told an audience at the Mediterranean Conference Centre.

    Children, civil society engagement, ‘active citizenship and a stronger focus on the wellbeing of society,’ all need to be part of an inclusive society.

    These statements were part of Coleiro Preca’s speech on the Theme ‘Beyond Ethical Policies’, at her awarding of the Thriving in Inclusive Society Award.

    The award from the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics, recognised the former President of Malta’s efforts on increasing inclusivity.

    Prof. Luigia Melillo, Rector of Pegaso International, presented the award.

    Coleiro Preca stressed that the move towards inclusivity would have to come from a diversity of sectors.

    ‘I am aware that this paradigm shift will not happen overnight. It will take courage, sacrifice and determination by politicians, policymakers, civil society and all members of our societies.’

    Coleiro Preca dedicated it to children in Malta and in refugee camps across the world.