Inauguration of new offices of startup company

The new offices of Archives International were inaugurated by Minister for the Economy Silvio Schembri and Secretary for the Digital Economy Clayton Bartolo. Archives International is a start-up company specialising in providing record and information management services.

The company focuses on document scanning and imaging, as well as data capturing and document management systems. It has recently established its offices at the Korradino Incubation Centre.

This initiative is a collaboration between Infoscan GmbH and Maltese partners who have established themselves in Malta, one of many direct foreign investment projects. The company’s initial investment will exceed €300,000 and is expected to create a substantial number of jobs.

Schembri commended the company’s bold decision in taking the leap forward and turning their innovative ideas into reality during such challenging times. He outlined that the location of the offices is part of a €450million industrial infrastructure investment which shall see an overhaul in the area to provide adequate space for start-ups.

Bartolo highlighted that Archives International are a textbook example of the government’s vision in the years to come.This is because a start-up is integrating digitisation within its operations.