“In Europe, our plans are limitless!’’

Zoe always dreamed of working in research, combining programming with medicine. She has made her dream come true, with the Brainance application, now used by doctors in Greece, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Portugal and Germany.

We are happy that, thanks to the EU, what we are doing is being multiplied and reaching many more recipients.

Zoi Giavri, 27-years-old, CEO of Research at Advanti

What does the Brainance application do, and what led you to create it?

“The Brainance application provides enhanced processing of brain MRIs so that doctors can obtain more information and make more detailed diagnoses. The tool has been devised in such a way that it can be used by doctors without special technical knowledge or infrastructure, at any time, because it is located and operates exclusively in the cloud.

The idea for the application came to me during my studies at the National Metsovian Polytechnic in Athens. I was speaking with doctors who were telling me how unsatisfactory brain MRI images were. So, I did some experiments, created the idea and developed it. What’s more, a process that used to take up to 28 hours is now complete in just 8 minutes, as well as being more accurate and available from any location.”

How did the EU help you and your team along the path to your goal?

“The EU helped us in 3 different ways along our journey. The first part, which was the finance, was very important. Through programmes, such as EIT Health Catapult and the ΕΙΤ Health Grant, we obtained the funding that made our research possible.

In addition, through networking as we participated in competitions such as these, as well as through my inclusion in the EU Prize for Women Innovators 2018, where I was a finalist, we formed connections throughout Europe and gained the opportunity for collaborations that otherwise would not have been possible.”

The third way in which the EU helped us was that it allowed us to operate in an open market. With a company in any European country, we can place our product on the single European market, using the same currency and the same laws.

Most of this we discovered by ourselves, or by chance! That is why campaigns such as #EUandME are useful. They provide information to those wanting to take the next step about what resources they can obtain from the EU.”

What does the future hold in store for Brainance?

 Our immediate goal is to roll out the application to other organs, so that it is no longer restricted to brain examinations. Naturally, we want the application to be used by as many doctors as possible, and its use and the comments we receive form the basis for continual improvements to the application.

A more long-term goal is full automation of the process. This means ‘educating’ our devices to the extent that the doctor does as little as possible. Whatever can be done automatically should be automated, saving doctors’ time so that they can spend it on more valuable tasks.

As long as we have the tools and the territory to develop, we will always do our very best. We are happy that, thanks to the EU, what we are doing is being multiplied and reaching many more recipients.”