“In case of war we send a plane to save them” – PM


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that when a country is experiencing war and many persons become its victims, other countries must send aircraft to save these people and offer them asylum until the situation is reversed for the better.

He said this in an interview on One Radio, where he was discussing the European migration crisis and the recent case of MV Lifeline.

“The European agreement is not the final solution”

Muscat said that the impression that the immigration phenomenon must be resolved with the touch of a button “does not know what he or she is talking about”.

He explained that who has been attending meetings of the European Union for the last six years has always heard the same words. Despite insisting that the agreement drawn from Saturday’s meeting, which lasted nine hours, was a step forward, there is a need to change the words to facts.

“Lifeline violated several regulations; with could not tolerate this”

During the interview, the Prime Minister said that he will not tolerate infringement similar to the one carried out by MV Lifeline’s master.

He explained how the master not only prevented the Libyan coast guards to do their job, but it was found that the ship did not operate in a law-abiding manner.

Although the ship the word “Amsterdam” printed on it, it was found out that it was not registered there. According to Dutch authorities, they had only received information that the ship was just bought by the country.

Dr. Muscat explained the ongoing process which will deport those who did not come to Malta seeking asylum.