Improved cleansing strategy for mechanical sweeping in arterial and distributor roads

DOI / Anthony Sultana

The Cleansing and Maintenance Division within the Parliamentary Secretariat for Public Cleansing has launched a cleansing strategy, which includes the mechanical sweeping of all arterial and distributor roads.

Additional investment in terms of human resources as well as new machinery and equipment is also being made.

Parliamentary Secretary for Local Government and Communities Silvio Parnis said this reform will ensure that there will be an effective operation of contract management, better standards, and that the coordination on the call for the waste collection contract will be on a regional basis. Silvio Parnis said that local enforcement is also tackling important areas such as the environment.

DOI / Anthony Sultana

Parliamentary Secretary for Public Cleansing Deo Debattista explained that during recent months the Government has invested in more sweeping machinery for improved cleanliness on the Maltese roads bringing the fleet of road sweeping vehicles is up to six vehicles: “This cleansing strategy planned the mechanical sweeping of all arterial and distributor roads at least twice a week. It is estimated that each vehicle covers 25km of work each day.”

Director General responsible for the Cleansing and Maintenance Division Ramon Deguara explained that in the street-cleaning section several workers are exclusively assigned with the cleaning of specific roads, while other workers conduct a planned patrol every morning to collect all types of waste that accumulates during the previous day.

Mr Deguara urged the public to make use of the MobileApp ‘Clean and Upkeep’ and the freephone 1718 to report any kind of illegal waste.