Importation of single-use plastics ends on Friday

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Malta is banning the importation of single-use plastic products at the beginning of 2021 this Friday, with the relevant legal notice published by the Environment Ministry on Wednesday.

Minister Aaron Farrugia highlighted that Malta will become one of the first EU member states to ban single-use plastic products such as plastic bags, cutlery, straws, plates, cotton buds, food containers and stirrers.

“It is high time that we give answers to our children who ask about all the litter on our beaches, who see photos of washed-up seagulls with stomachs full of plastic products, and injured turtles caught up in plastic bags. We will continue to work to decrease pollution, launch our climate change strategy, improve our health and that of our ecosystems, with tangible results,” Farrugia maintained.

“This year will be a transitory one for the single-use plastic products already on the market and, as from 2022, the sale and distribution of these items will also be legally prohibited. We are doing this with determination, as families in Malta want the environment at the top of the government’s agenda post-COVID. At the same time, the process is fully transparent in order to provide certainty to industry,” he concluded.