Implementing stricter measures is the only way to keep schools physically open – ISA

The Independent Schools Association, ISA, expressed its concern that the numbers of COVID-19 positive cases have shot up in worrisome numbers during the past few days.

ISA issued a statement saying that if authorities want to keep Schools open then all Maltese citizens of good will must do their utmost to follow safety and hygiene regulations issued by the Health Department.

The Independent Schools Association expressed its satisfaction as students are glad to be back and as educators, they are similarly content with having the students back but noted how some of them have already experienced having COVID-19 cases at School, imported from outside. ISA siad that they have dealt with these cases promptly, professionally and with great efficacy. 

The Association has also urged the government to implement stricter measures if the rate of local transmission continues unabated. “Only in this way will we continue to be able to keep our Schools physically open,” stated ISA.