I’m sorry I believed them – Bartolo

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

“How sorry I am that I did not take a stronger position in 2016…it was one of the political mistakes of my career…I believed what they told me”. With these poignant words, minister Evarist Bartolo saluted the day in his morning missive on Facebook.

Bartolo was referring directly to the information which had come out of the Panama Papers.

As he did in previous submissions, Minister Bartolo refers to ‘shadow governments’. He warns against having close ties with organisations which lead into a situation where there is “a government on stage and a government behind the scenes”. In what observers are now seeing as not-so-veiled references to Freemasonry, Bartolo said that there are networks of persons who ingratiate themselves with parties for political gain. He recommended that the level of scrutiny by institutions is strengthened.