Illegalities at Marsa Junction works

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Workers working on the construction of the Marsa flyovers have not been using safety equipment correctly, as per Health and Safety regulations.

This was confirmed by, the Occupational Health and Safety Authority and by Infrastructure Malta.

Photos taken by this newsroom of workers on the flyovers, were sent to both entities, showing them not to be wearing safety harnesses or if they were, the harnesses were not securely attached to a safety rope or cable. The pictures were taken in July.

While OHSA said that it cannot divulge information about cases it investigated or is investigating, Infrastructure MAlta said that it’s site coordinators were familiar with the case.

Infrastructure Malta taking steps?

A spokesperson for Infrastructure Malta told that when there are circumstances that works need to be safer, as has happened in this case, works stop until all the necessary precautions are taken.

This would be carried out based on the particular circumstances of the situations and in accordance with safety procedures and international standards. Once the safety measures are implemented, works will continue.

IM insisted that its workers take all measures possible to reduce the risk of accidents.

In the case of the Marsa Junction project and other major projects that Infrastructure Malta is involved in, there is a team of health and safety experts on hand, constantly monitoring the operations, ensuring the health and safety of workers and the general public is maintained.

Going further, they explain that the experts are independent and are there advise the project contractor and inform Infrastructure Malta about health and safety conduct on the construction site. The contractor can also engage a separate team of health and safety experts who also work on the site and engage with IM experts.

In effect, there are two teams of experts on site every day to inspect the ongoing work methods. There is also constant contact between Infrastructure Malta’s experts and officials in charge of the project and the agency and contractor. These bodies discuss the measures to continually improve safety at the project site.

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