‘Illegal dumping in Ta’ Qali moved to Siġġiewi’ – PD

The Partit Demokratiku said that the illegal dumping of waste in Ta’ Qali stopped, but it is now happening near the coast close to Siġġiewi. They also said that there is a continuous lack or enforcement regarding illegal waste dumping.

“A site on the coast near Siggiewi has been transformed into one of the latest targets, and irreparable damage to flora and fauna has been done,” state PD Leader Godfrey Farrugia in a statement. The PD also asked when the Police will be taking action.

Siġġiewi illegal dumping site

Newsbook.com.mt exclusively unveiled last month that an area of around 10,000 metres squared was being used for illegal construction waste dumping. One such incident of illegal dumping involving five large trucks, a bull dozer and the car of one of the foremen happened late in the night on Friday 16 November.

The Planning Authority meanwhile blocked the dumping site pending further action, and the Bonnici Brothers Group (BBG) answered the newsroom’s questions saying that they were not aware of the illegal activity.