Illegal animal waste discharge causes sewage plant shutdown


The Ta’ Barkat Sewage Plant has been shut down due high levels of animal waste illegally discharges clogging the machinery.

The Water Service Corporation says that the shutdown has affected the sewage screening areas and has also led to the interruption in the production of clean water. The authority says that the disruption will last for the next five days.

A similar occurrence took place earlier in the year in which animal waste was believed to have clogged the machinery at the sewage plant on Gozo.

Animal waste shuts down Gozo Sewage Plant

The WSC stress that only human waste and degradable toilet paper are discharged through the sewage system. They provide the following details to the public in order to report future problems or suspected foul play:

Freephone: 8007 6400;


Website live chat: ; or through our social media.