Lifeline Captain to be taken to court

Lifeline - jum wara
Ian Noel Pace

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The captain of the ship Lifeline, who after six days at sea, yesterday evening entered Isla port with 234 immigrants aboard, is to be taken to court.

This was confirmed with by a government spokesperson. She added that today, in the afternoon, he was bailed by the police.

The spokesperson explained that yesterday evening, after being interrogated in the Police General Headquarters, the captain was taken back on the ship, as agreed, where the rest of the crew is. He spent the night there.

She remarked that this morning, he was once again called to the Depot, where he consulted his lawyer and continued being interrogated. This interrogation stopped as soon as the Capitan was asked to move the ship from one mall to another. The interrogation resumed immediately afterwards.

The 6 people taken to hospital are in a stable condition

The six immigrants, including three infants, who upon arrival were immediately taken to Mater Dei Hospital, are in a stable condition. The first to be released from hospital was an adult who fractured his wrist. The spokesperson explained that the infants were taken to hospital as soon as they disembarked, as the trip was long.

According to information has, the youngest person aboard was an 8-month-old infant, while the oldest is a 40-year-old.