“Feasts are becoming more theatrical and less sacred” – Bishop Grech

Bishop Grech

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

In an emotional sermon Bishop Mario Grech, said that feasts have become more like a theater and less like a prayer.

He was speaking in the Presbyterian ordination of then-deacon Joseph Hili.

Mgr. Grech also mentioned the reality of money taking precedence over everything else. He explained how this generation is filling their pockets but is leaving many victims.

Bishop Grech said that the unscrupulous appetite for wealth has destroyed any criterion of what is good and what is not. Everything is done with the impression money will solve everything.

Faced with these temptations Bishop Grech, appealed Christians not to give up and drift, but do like Mary and reply “Here I am” in spite of everything.

Mgr. Grech pointed out that the priesthood is not a light proposal, but this should not deter him from helping the people of God go in the path of holiness. The bishop explained that like the Good Samaritan, the priest must stop and help to the poor and rejected.