IGM supports request to set fund for media


The Institute of Maltese Journalists (IGM) supports the Opposition’s proposal to the Government to set a fund for the Media so that journalists can continue with their invaluable work of communicating news to the general public. The Institute further underscored the need to protect not only the journalists’ health but also their employment, especially since it may be impacted by the economic crisis which shall inevitably hit our country.

In a statement, IGM acknowledged the hard work of all journalists to bring to the general public, local and international news in relation to COVID-19 and other newsworthy information.

The Institute forcefully condemned the irresponsible behaviour of those who share unverified news on social media, stating that this behaviour can create unnecessary panic among the public. Moreover, IGM reminded the public to abide by the directives of health authorities and to practise social distancing so as to prevent the spread of this virus.

The statement acknowledged the essential role of the media in every democratic country, especially to deliver what the health authorities would need to communicate to the general public. In this regard, IGM called for the protection of journalists’ health and the protection of their employment.

The Institute referred to the request that was made a few days ago, for the Government to help all the newsrooms around the country. It also fully supports the proposal from the Opposition for the Government to set a fund, specifically for the media to support its communication of news to the Maltese and Gozitan people.

The statement concluded as follows: “If we truly believe in the vital role that the media has in relation to the fourth pillar of democracy, this proposal should be supported by everyone and should be implemented as soon as possible together with other proposals that were put forward to the country’s authorities”.

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