Government to proceed with embryo freezing vote Tuesday

DOI - Jason Borg

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Although President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca wrote to the Government regarding the concerns of pro-life groups over the amendments added in the committee stages of the Embryo Protection Act, the Government is still expected to proceed with the Parliamentary vote.

Parliament is expected to vote tomorrow in favour of the freezing of embryos and their adoption becomes legal. In a statement issued by the Ministry of Health, the Government said that they are doing so with conviction because this law will allow many to become parents.

Government requests advice from the Attorney General

Due to recent criticism that the draft submitted by the Government violates the right to life as protected by the Constitution, the Government requested advice from the Attorney General.

In the same statement, the Government quoted the Attorney General which said that the amendments do not violate the Constitution.  The Attorney General also stated that “no oath or loyalty violations of under the Constitution” were broken. The Government continues to cite the Attorney General who stated that he finds no legal basis to say that the Government’s conviction regarding the draft of law number 37 is diverted or incorrect.