If the new Brexit deal is rejected, we ‘consider next steps’ – Muscat

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European leaders will need to be ready if the UK Parliament reject the UK Prime Minister’s deal tomorrow, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has said.

The Prime Minister was speaking following EU leaders’ endorsement of a new Brexit deal which had agreed between the Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the European Union’s Brexit negotiators.

Muscat said he was content with what the deal offered saying it ‘demonstrates flexibility and goodwill on both sides.’

On the backstop, Muscat said the temporary option which has been presented as a replacement to the controversial backstop, ‘will allow the Northern Ireland assembly to decide whether to continue implementing the protocol four years after the transition period.’

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The big test

The big test will be the deal’s presentation and vote in the UK Parliament tomorrow.

The Conservative Party’s coalition partner the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party, have already said they would be opposing the deal and encouraged others to ‘take a stand’ in voting against it too.

The UK Prime Minister says he is ‘very confident’ that he will get the necessary majority needed to get his deal over the line and meet the 31st October deadline.

The process of persuading rebel MPs, former Conservative MPs and the hard-line Brexiteers has begun.

People’s Vote

While MPs debate the details of the Prime Minister’s deal, the People’s Vote campaign group are set to hold a public protest in London.

The group which is demanding a final say from the British people on the deal, is set to bring 100s of 1000s of people on a march from Park Lane to Parliament.

The march is set to take place from 12.30 local time.

‘One of the biggest public protests Britain has ever seen will march from Park Lane to Parliament Square on Saturday with one simple demand: that the people are given the final say on Brexit.’

This protest follows a previous march in which an estimated 1 million people from across the UK took to the streets of London to call for a second referendum on the deal.

Estimated 1m people marching in London for final say on Brexit deal

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Regrets the failure

On the topic of the European Council’s failure to agree on opening discussions with North Macedonia and Albania over EU enlargement, Muscat said it ‘deals a blow to the credibility of the European Union when dealing with partners, especially in sensitive regions such as the Balkans.’