Watch: “If not a track today, then development tomorrow” – Duncan Micallef

Duncan Micallef, the European Top Fuel Drag Racing Champion, took the festive season as an occasion to once again appeal to authorities, on behalf of Motorsmt and all racing enthusiasts, to build a racing track in Malta. The driver made a number of arguments for the track pointing out that if land acquisition is a problem, he is certain that if land isn’t used for a track today, it will be used to development tomorrow anyway.

The video appeal, kicked off humorously with Micallef playing with toy cars on a toy track in a sketch about Christmas. However, the champion broke the fourth wall turning to the camera to directly address Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and Parliamentary Secretary for Sports Clifton Grima.

“I wish, from my heart, that you accept this plea, this dream of many Maltese enthusiasts” said Micallef at the beginning of his address,  pointing out that they have been “crying” for a track for 50 years. He also let the authorities know that they keep wanting Malta to win, while in motor sports, Maltese athletes are practically used to it.

While acknowledging that if this were an easy task, it would have been built a while ago, Micallef noted that after it was promised repeatedly, there must have been a plan. He offered to be at the table and find compromises for all issues that might arise, saying that he was the one to talk enthusiasts into being realistic rather than letting their imagination run wild with dreams of a track.

When it comes to the problem of land, Micallef said that the minimum possible requirements can definitely be compromised on, pointing out that if a track isn’t built on designated land, some form of development is sure to follow anyway. Turning to pollution, he said that 20 cars going round a track can’t compare to the 380,000 registered vehicles on the island.

Citing cyclists he spoke to, Micallef said that having a track would make it easier for them to train as well, considering they do not feel safe on Maltese roads. And speaking of road safety, the champion also pointed out that there have been deaths due to young enthusiasts full of potential who only have the roads to let off steam in.

Micallef ended his appeal by saying that he is sure there have been larger problems that the Government has solved, “and I believe that you will solve this one as well.” He also augured that 2019 will be the year that motor sports enthusiasts will finally be heard, “and you will be our heroes.”