If asked whether your bishop is a sinner, answer yes – Archbishop

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Archbishop Charles Scicluna, Thursday morning, told the congregation in the Mosta parish church that if they are asked whether they know that their bishop is a sinner, they should answer in the affirmative. The Archbishop was celebrating Pontifical Mass on the feast of the Assumption of Our Lady.

He added that they should say both that the Archbishop himself stated this at the beginning of the Mass and secondly that they also are sinners. He said that humanity needs to recognize its very own condition so it can find the comfort and happiness that this feast should bring. He said that today Mary does not abandon humanity in misery, but encourages it to consider heaven as its true home.

“Our hope is that we are redeemed from our sins so that like Mary, when the Lord wishes, we pass on to eternal life.”

Mary, our hope

Archbishop Scicluna, using the words of prayer ‘Hail Holy Queen’ described Mary as “our life, our sweetness and our hope.” Mary Mother of God, he said, is a ray of hope for all people who take the opportunity to look at her and allow her to guide their lives.

Mgr. Scicluna said that when reflect on their way of life they see themselves covered with guilt and sin and, consequently, humiliated because of their weakness. But, he continued, when they lift up their thoughts to Mary, they see the star of hope as they recognise that there is hope that their sins are forgiven by the Lord who allows them to pass to the aftermath.

The Archbishop reminded the congregation about Mary’s death, saying that similarly to her son, her body was not allowed to suffer the rotting of death. He said that she was without sin because God wanted her to be so. Archbishop Scicluna added that she was protected from sin. She used her humility to be of service to humanity. He clarified that while her son Jesus was resurrected from the dead with his own power because he is the Son of God, Mary’s resurrection and  assumption were her son’s sign of mercy on her.

Archbishop Scicluna said that the feast of the Assumption can be joyfully celebrated only if we are conscious of our sins and that we radically need the mercy of God.

“If you do not recognize this fundamental truth about yourselves will not be able to look at Mary and from her receive a ray of hope and deep love that sanctifies you.”

Fixing our gaze on Mary

Archbishop Charles Scicluna, Wednesday evening, celebrated Mass at the Mdina Cathedral. He said that we should fix our gaze on Mary who will help us rise up from our sins and the humiliation sins causes.  If we do, then humiliation is replaced by hope.

Our mortality, said the Archbishop, reminds us that our existence on earth is not a permanent one. Mary, said Scicluna, opens for us a window on eternal life.