Identity Malta officers refusing to assist foreigners

Updated 07:12 PM
queue identity malta
Miguela Xuereb

Workers at Identity Malta are refusing to assist foreigners who are requesting a residence and work permit.

Sources told that ID Malta officers are afraid of contracting COVID-19 while assisting foreigners.

According to the same sources workers at the ID Malta offices in Triq il-Wied, in Msida are reporting to work but are not assisting foreigners.

The workers will also consult with their union to discuss possible directives to be enforced at their workplace.

In the meantime, large queues gathered outside ID Malta offices in Msida.

“The situation is back to normal” – Govt

Late on Wednesday afternoon, the government issued a press statement saying that Parliamentary Secretary Alex Muscat had a meeting with the management at Identity Malta and with the union representing the employees.

The government said that certain measures needed to be taken and now the situation is back to normal.

No disciplinary action to be taken

Muscat also addressed the incident in Parliament, confirming that while the workers’ industrial action was not authorised by their union, no disciplinary action would be taken against them.

“In this particular situation, it is understandable that workers may have some concerns,” the parliamentary secretary said.

Muscat said that Identity Malta was already implementing the necessary measures to ensure the health and safety of its workers. However, he added, it was ready to go beyond what was recommended if workers felt safer as a result.

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