“Identify teachers that can be employed” – Minister to MUT

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Education Minister Evarist Bartolo has appealed to the Malta Union of Teachers (MUT) to identify Maths and Maltese teachers that the Ministry may employ. The Minister also asked the union to not become an instrument of depreciative exchanges over social media.

MUT provides further instructions on state secondary schools’ Maths and Maltese examinations

In a ministerial statement, Evarist Bartolo said that teachers need to understand that examinations are important to parents and that the students have been preparing for then since months.

The Maths and Maltese year ending examination papers are currently a rather hot topic as they are creating dissent between the MUT and the Ministry of Education.

MUT confirms that Maltese and Maths exams will not take place

Minister Bartolo also declared that he is committed to reduce the workload from the Maths and Maltese teachers that have more lessons every week compared to teachers of other subjects. He said that the Ministry is working to find a solution on the matter.

The Education Minister said that the sectorial agreement reduced the number of lessons that these teachers have every week and it is just 3.5% of the state secondary schools Maths and Maltese teaching cadre that have the maximum of 25 lessons.

He added that the Education Department is obliged to offer a position to newly qualified Maths and Maltese teachers even when there is not justification for their enrolment in the teaching body. The Minister said that the number of students studying Maths and Maltese was 12, 670 in the scholastic year 2017/18, whilst in the current year 2018/19 the number is 11,108 quantifiable in smaller classes.

From his end, Partit Nazzjonalista (PN) MP Clyde Puli said that this latest issue is yet another example of how the government has no master plan on education as various issues are cropping up in different sectors.

Puli added that this is the last from a series of problems relating to education from the leasing of container units instead of the building of a proper stone and mortar structure, to the fresh fruit scheme, the transport scheme which resulted in 900 children being left without transport to school at the beginning of the scholastic year and with still a couple of scores still awaiting transport, the MCAST salaries and the early school leavers issue.

Read the full ministerial statement in Maltese here.