Iconic Yellow Pages directory makes final appearance

Your chance to win a Toyota Aygo.

The iconic Yellow Pages business directory will start to make its final appearance today, 16th September as Yellow, the company behind it, seeks to become a fully digital based company offering a plethora of online services.

A total of 180,000 copies will be distributed to all households in Malta and Gozo between today and the 26th September 2019. This year’s Yellow Pages has an additional value proposition, as together with the largest database of Maltese businesses, 300 lucky residents could find a golden ticket and an opportunity to win a brand new Toyota Aygo. Similar lotteries associated with the book will be organised every year for the next five years.  

During the distribution process the delivery personnel will also be collecting the old directories from all households. To find out where the delivery and collection is taking place, residents can access www.thelastbook.com where a detailed daily schedule has been uploaded. 

“Stopping the production of Yellow Pages is a major event, which is expected to grab attention from both local media and environmentalists, who will undoubtedly appreciate this move. In the last directory we’re also including a number of fun hidden surprises and annual competitions for the next five years,” said Yellow’s Chief Operations Officer, Jason Leigh Gafa.

The last Yellow Pages directory will be one of a kind, made with upgraded materials that will last and a beautifully designed cover with a local dimension, thereby transforming this business directory into a desirable collector’s item. Yellow will also be publishing 500 limited edition copies with a distinct cover, making it a truly unique publication. A number of these copies will be available for sale to the general public and the proceeds will be donated to an environmental project. 

Visit the www.thelastbook.com to check about the delivery days to your locality.