Ian Borg defends himself: ‘no one criticised my building reforms’

Infrastructure Minister Ian Borg deflected calls to assume political responsibility over last week’s fatal building collapse this afternoon by highlighting that the opposition had criticised the reforms he had presented.

A number of Nationalist Party MPs brought up the tragic incident leading to the death of Miriam Pace in her Ħamrun home during question time in today’s sitting, with opposition whip Robert Cutajar and Beppe Fenech Adami both questioning why no one had assumed political responsibility. They highlighted that reforms had been presented after a number of houses adjacent to construction sites collapsed over a short period of time last year, but these did not prevent Pace’s death.

“As the minister responsible who took credit for the reform, don’t you believe that you should assume a shred of political responsibility over the tragedy,” Fenech Adami asked.

MP Ryan Callus also asked about what progress was being registered in this front, but in each case, Borg emphasised that when he presented reforms last year, the opposition neither criticised them nor presented amendments to them.

The minister noted that he had presented legal notice on issues that were far less contentious or problematic over which opposition MPs expressed concerns.

“Everyone recognises that the reforms are right,” he insisted. “But we must ensure that everyone follows the rules.”