I will remain at the helm – Muscat

Prime Minister of Malta Joseph Muscat
Prime MInister JOseph Muscat

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

While Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said on ONE Radio on Sunday morning that he will remain at the helm of Government, Partit Nazzjonalista (PN) retorted by saying in a statement that he should resign.

The institutions are independent

Muscat said that what happened this week was the culmination of months of work in the institutions. “This shows that the institutions are independent and that the criticism that these were not doing their job was unjust. I thank these institutions for their work,” said Muscat.

Referring to the recommendation for state’s evidence for Melvin Theuma, Muscat said that he did this because he believed that this was the best way forward. He also said that he felt that it was his responsibility to inform the country of the events as they unfolded. For this, he said, he had been criticised, as he had been criticised when he had not spoken. “I will do what I believe needs to be done for justice to prevail,” said Muscat. He reminded the listeners of the vast electoral majority, adding that he will remain working, focussed and at the helm of the country. “I am not a fair-weather sailor, I will remain at the helm,” said Muscat.

Muscat should resign

PN said in a statement that Prime Minister Muscat should resign because of his inaction as he has not dismissed his Chief of Staff Keith Schembti and important Cabinet members in volved in what the PN discribed as “the current national saga”.

The PN were reacting to the comments of the Prime Minister during a One Radio Programme. The PN accused Muscat of userping roles that are part of the remit of  independent institutions.

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