“I will implement all I have learnt in the EU” – Miriam Dalli

Miriam Dalli
Miguela Xuereb

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Parliamentary Member Miriam Dalli, giving her first address as an MP, stated that she has returned to implement all that she has learnt at the European Parliament.

Dalli stated that her decision to return to Malta despite her success in Brussels was a difficult decision to make. She explained that Prime Minister (PM) Robert Abela had contacted her directly, and she felt she couldn’t say no to her home country.

She added that she enjoys a challenge, and that she won’t back down from finding new ways for things to be done. Dalli stated that she wants to be a part of a positive change, and to do so she will apply the energy and determination she harnessed within the European Union.

She thanked her parents for always encouraging her to aim high, and told those who voted for her to be in the European Parliament that she has come back to be closer to them, and to implement all that she has learnt in the EU.

Dalli was sworn in as MP last Monday, together with Clyde Caruana. This comes following the resignations of Joseph Muscat and Etienne Grech.