“I was more sorry than her own family”


Michelle Muscat, the Prime Minister’s wife, said that when she heard about the assassination of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia’s, she felt more sorry than her own family did.

In an interview with Malta Today, Muscat said the first thought that cross her mind was that she will have to live with Daphne’s lies. “If there is someone who wishes Daphne is alive, it’s me … I want her to be alive”, continued the Prime Minister’s wife, while she emphasized that she will never forget what Caruana Galizia wrote about her.

The main conclusions of the inquiry held on Egrant, a company in Panama, revealed that there are no connections between the Prime Minister’s family. Michelle Muscat said that when the allegations were made, she told her children that people were lying about them.

 “The school didn’t protect our children”

Meanwhile, she explained that they tried to lead a normal life and to stick to their usual routine. She said that the school did not do anything to protect their children from bullying. She alleged that their children were not protected specifically because they are theirs, and that others were treated differently. There were parties to which all class mates were invited except for their children.

Once again, she said that testifying in court was traumatising.