Updated: Marlene Farrugia, Maria Efimova and other reactions

“I stand with what I’ve said” – Maria Efimova

Whistleblower Maria Efimova told the Member of Parliament Rosianne Cutajar, that she is welcome to visit her in Greece. This was in a reply to Cutajar’s question asking where is Efimova on Twitter.

Efimova said she stands for what she has said despite of the outcome. Reiterating that she is educated in the finance and corporate field, Efimova claimed that this would make her privy to understanding what is right and wrong.


“This does not justify everything” – AD – The Green Party

According to a statement, the Democratic Alternative Party said that they had not contributed to discussions about the Egrant company, or the public demonstrations since there had been no proof of the allegations of Egrant pointing to the Muscat family.

The Democratic Alternative Party emphasised that a serious investigation on the documents and false signatures should be underway.

In spite of this, the party insisted that the results should not justify the issues not dealt with before, such as those of Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri.

“Schembri and Mizzi kept close; Delia eliminates Good Governance spokesperson” – PD

On the other hand, the Democratic Party stated that although Joseph Muscat kept Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi close. In contrast to this, PD continued in their press statement, Adrian Delia “took the opportunity to eliminate the spokesperson on Good Governance, Simon Busuttil.”

According to the Democratic Party, the two parties seem to be “in the clouds” and of one mind and action.

Marlene Farrugia’s reaction

Former PD leader and PD MP Marlene Farrugia shared a video on Facebook, in which she commented on the press conference given earlier on Sunday by Joseph Muscat.

She called Joseph Muscat out for the sympathy he tried to get from the public with his emotional reaction, when the press conference is an attempt to whitewash the consequences of the government issues. The conference, in her opinion, does not put aside the damage brought about by the members of the government. In the video, Farrugia also spoke about state capture of the institutions.

Il-Kenniesa ask for the rest of the report

Anti-corruption activist group, il-Kenniesa, claimed that they want answers to three of their main questions: who forged the signatures, what the documents in the suitcase Ali Sadr were, and the rest of the report.

Other reactions

The former candidate of the Nationalist Party David Thake’s urged PN members to hold on to their membership. In a tweet he said that the time will come when they will have to remove those colluding with Muscat.

In the meantime, Matthew Caruana Galizia, son of the late journalist, tweeted directly to MaltaToday journalist, Kurt Sansone, whereby he pointed out that his mother’s assassination was not “unfortunate” as described in the article by Sansone but that the assassination was a result of those people who wanted to silence her.

It’s not “unfortunate” that a key witness was assassinated half way through this inquiry, ⁦@kurtsansone⁩. My mother was blown to pieces by people who wanted her to stop talking. https://t.co/eZg2ZvCy1s

Cyprus Business Mail editor, Stelios Orphanides, in a tweet, remarked that while Muscat promised not to resort to lynchings asked about Daphne Caruana Galizia’s death.