‘I see religious customs devoid of spirituality’ – Bishop Grech

Betty Bugeja

The Bishop of Gozo Mario Grech appealed to the Church in Gozo to take Mary to its core explaining that in the figure of Mary, one finds the pain of bereavement of her only beloved Son and the hope of His resurrection. The Bishop observed that on this silent day, one should not be afraid of taking Mary home. Holy Saturday which is the interlude between the pain of the death of Jesus and the joy of His resurrection, is a time for reflection.

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The Diocese of Gozo dedicated this year as the Marian Year and celebrated the Hour of the Mother on Holy Saturday at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Blessed Virgin of Ta’ Pinu. Holy Saturday has also been celebrated as the Hour of the Mother in accordance with the Byzantine tradition.

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Delivering his homily during the commemoration of the Hour of the Mother, Mgr Grech explained that he is inviting the churches in Gozo to do so because he felt that there were only signs of death. He further elaborated that sometimes he feels that spiritual life is completely absent in some instances despite the show of religious customs and traditions.

The Bishop of Gozo asked what was the use of having beautifully decorated temples and to run with the statue of the Christ’s Resurrection when Christ is completely left out of one’s life.

Our Mother stood by her Son’s grave on Holy Saturday

Focusing on the figure of Mary, he explained that Mary stood by the Holy Sepulchre mourning her Son.

Bishop Grech compared Mary’s waiting for her Son’s resurrection while the disciples behaved differently, explaining that Mary’s pain and faith at that hour are the pain and faith from which is born the whole Church.