I saw the “naked man” myself!

Spinola Naked Man Police

Dear newsbook your article reporting a naked man being chased is incorrect.

The man just ran in front of my eyes like crazy and policemen were running after him. It was a real chase, a police car came from the other side of the road. At that point he jumped in the sea and tried to swim to the other side of spinola bay to escape the police. He only took of his clothes when he jumped in the sea not before. By which time the police car and other policemen on foot were waiting for him on the other side (cavallieri side). Two policemen boarded a fishing boat to chase him. He gave up and boarded the boat after some 15minutes of convincing from the 2 police officers on the boat… Once ashore he was taken in an ambulance and escorted by an RIU car.

All media houses should verify information before publishing misleading info. There was more to it than a naked swim…


Editorial comment: the story was verified with CMRU before publishing.