“I only hire out to those who hold a nautical licence”

Jetski licenzja traġedja

The owner of a company specialised in boat hire and charters with or without skippers said that he does not hire out jet skis as he considers them to be very dangerous. He also advocated for more enforcement, stressing the effectiveness of measures such as the confiscation of sea vessels.

Daniele Baraggioli, 24, an Italian who owns Arkos Experience, a company specialising in boat hire and charters spoke to Newsbook.com.mt. He said that a 15-minute jet ski ride costs around €50 and the person hiring out the jet ski is obliged to instruct the person on its use.

Baraggioli described the jet ski as a ‘missile’. He went on to say that balance is key when riding a jet ski and a simple mistake could be dangerous to the person riding the jet ski or to those around them.

A 19-year old Dutch national was recently killed in an accident in St George’s Bay, St Julian’s. The driver of the jet ski, also a Dutch national, failed a breathalyser test.

Baraggioli said that he only hires boats out to people who are in possession of a nautical licence, saying that he was concerned both about people’s security as well as his boats. A person, however, may hire a boat easily in Malta, either at the beach or even online. Unlike boat hires, jet skis are usually hired directly from their operators at the beach.

In his comments, Braggioli claimed that there was an operator hiring jet skis in an area very close to where children can be seen playing. He explained that the operator tells the clients to ride the jet ski carefully and not to accelerate; however, this is usually disregarded by the clients. Braggioli described the jet ski business as “secure” in terms of revenue.

Braggioli lamented that when he came to set up shop in Malta, he found various obstacles, such as the lack of insurance agencies that would offer to cover self-drive boats. He complained that although kayaks are safe to use, he could not rent them out, as Maltese law does not provide for their commercial use.

Maltese law…

According to Maltese law, anyone who wants to hire a small boat needs to be 18 years old. If the person hiring does not possess a nautical licence then the person requires safety instructions.